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Apr 18, 2022

This week on the Marina Perry Podcast, Marina discusses how we can only manifest what our system allows. She explores the concepts of inner floors and ceilings we all have in our lives and how our reality reflects our inner codes. Only once we truly understand that can we step in and call what we want.


Codes are learned concepts we hold ourselves to, and they ultimately create a cage of conditioning. And most of us aren’t even aware of it. It doesn’t matter if your life is amazing or not. We all have something inside the matrix of all of our codes that creates a floor and ceiling that keeps us “safe.” Without growth work, we cannot reach anywhere above that ceiling of our cage that’s limiting us.


When we’re in a cage, we might not be happy, but our system is happy because it knows what’s happening. It keeps up in belonging and the routine. The unconscious mind likes to lock in because so many of our actions and movements are unconscious so the brain can conserve energy. When we consciously try to reach above our ceiling, our system gets a little freaked out.


The fear of success is more common than people realize. We know we can do it, but our codes interfere. To move past that ceiling, we need to do that work and update our codes to be more in alignment with what we’re trying to achieve. We manifest what our system allows, so allow it, and then you get to have it. But when we fear success, we’re afraid that we’re going to lose another by achieving one thing. Hitting our ceiling back bouncing back down isn’t like a sabotaging cycle. Your goal is not to eliminate the ceiling or the floor but elevate them.

What You Will Learn:


  1. How our codes define our walls and ceiling. 
  2. Where the fear of success comes from and how to combat it.
  3. Tips for redefining our codes so we can elevate our ceiling and floor.