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Apr 24, 2023

This week on the Marina Perry Podcast, Marina hosts a solo episode to discuss the human superpower of trust. Too many of us don't have enough trust— in ourselves, in life, or in others. As a result, we essentially lack safety, and when we lack safety, we seek to control more. We shrink, we contract, and we don't live fully expressed and liberated. Trust is so fundamental, yet there are mistaken beliefs that we hold around it.


Trust is not actually earned. It can be, but that's not actually how it exists. Trust is only ever given, so even when someone proves themselves trustworthy, you can still withhold trust. And if someone proves themselves to not be trustworthy, you could still give them trust. 


There are categories of trust that Marina teaches to the coaches she certifies through the school of growth. These categories include capability, character, and commitment. These categories work together to establish trust. You might love someone's character and commitment, and think they’re such a good person. They just have the purest heart and you adore them, but maybe they are useless at doing the things you need. So they lack the capability arena of trust for you. 


There are ways you can try and extend more trust if you can break down where there’s a potential lack of trust. If you see someone in their wholeness, in their capability, and affirm that verbally, they now have a capacity to grow into it. This is how we get to be more impactful leaders in any area in our lives. When someone breaks that trust and betrays us, we get to see someone's true colours. We get to make a choice, and we’re the better for it because if we hadn't given that trust, we run the risk of staying in that situation longer.


Learn all this and more on this episode of the Marina Perry Podcast!


What You Will Learn:


  1. The basic fundamentals of trust and how it’s formed. 

  2. Background on the fundamentals of trust. 

  3. Personal examples of how trust is built and demolished.