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Sep 6, 2021

As someone trained in transformational coaching and human potential, Marina's work often encompasses relationships. And what she's found is when someone is left or ghosting, it means anything about them. We particularly love to protect ourselves, so when we experience pain or suffering around a particular situation, we will mark it with meaning. That way, we remember not to recreate that same state. 


However, that meaning we often give it is incorrect, and we end up remagnetizing it. We have hyper-stabilized beliefs about not being good enough. So we end up seeing this experience as evidence of this previously formed but incorrect belief. We all have our own frequency we operate on and what we look for in our ideal relationship. So when someone ejects themselves from that situation, it's because they've coded that frequency as unsurvivable, and they're moving onto something they deem as safe. 


We need to spend time cultivating and envisioning the kind of relationship we want and how we want to be inside that relationship. Let that act as a compass out in the world. If we allow someone to come into our frequency and they eject themselves later, it means they're not aligned with us. In which case, leaving us is a good thing! Otherwise, we'd be stuck making something that doesn't fit work, and that's never going to feel good to you because you're sacrificing your alignment for the sake of not being alone. 


If you're single, Marina encourages you to do as much growth work as possible because it will allow you to explore the frequency you're operating on fully. You'll have the ability to come into your future relationships much safer with yourself and being able to hold onto your frequency. As people come in and out of your life, you'll be more in tune with why they're not a match and not attach meaning to it that isn't there. Of course, there are times where we are the problem in the relationship, and someone will choose to leave according to their needs and boundaries. And we get to work with that, too, because it allows us to grow and evolve. 


What You Will Learn:

  1. How our personal frequencies impact the relationships, we seek and react to.
  2. Why it's not always about you when someone decides to leave a relationship. 
  3. What we can do to come into and improve on our own frequencies.