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Aug 30, 2021

This week's solo show aims to unpack what's really alive right now in the collective to understand better how and why we as humans are acting the way we are. Marina will drop into a conversation around projection, perspective, and protection and why we're experiencing such division and anxiety out in the world. This is a very unique time in recent history, and it's putting a lot of pressure on our values. It's spurring within us a lot of fear and anxiety and causing us to conflict with people we otherwise wouldn't have a conflict with. 


As a human being, you have a physical body, a mind, and energy. We also have a primary need to stay alive, and that need activated within us a way of working with our internal system. This helps us to filter the world into a reality that makes sense to us. Just like everyone has a unique fingerprint, the way we filter the world is unique to us. Perspective is what aspects of the larger frame of existence we are focused on, and when we're making sense of life, we delete or distort some of what we're taking in. This isn't a system flaw but rather an essential aspect that keeps us from becoming overwhelmed with information. However, this essential function can severely limit our ability to comprehend the big picture right in front of us. 


In our current world, this phenomenon is being used as a tool to cultivate fear and establish control over us. But our perspective is not the entirety of what's true and real out there. We're seeing people limited to seeing what they're currently seeing and feeling like they must report on it due to fear. We run into trouble when we fail to consider that other people's perspectives are also true. This pulls into question whether we're really choosing the things we're choosing or if we're assuming it's the only option available to us. If we close ourselves down to feel safe, we're handing over that power of choice to someone we think we know better, which does us as individuals a great disservice.


We need to expand our perspectives and frames of reference by listening to others and understanding that there's more than one truth. Our frame, on its own, severely limits us and keeps us from getting the things we want out of life. However, Marina stands by her mission and is not here to tell you what you should be thinking. We all have our own life's purpose and paths. Instead, she asks you to consider, "what is your current frame?" and invites you to dive deeper into the answer. Being afraid of someone else's perspective doesn't make it wrong; it just means it's something we're not yet able to handle. The definition of an expanded mind is the willingness to sit in the unknown and requires deep sovereignty and safety with self to journey into someone else's map.


What You Will Learn:

  1. How projection and perspective play into protection. 
  2. How fear and anxiety cause us to conflict with groups we otherwise wouldn't conflict with.
  3. How perspective limits us and what we can do to expand further and grow.