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Feb 3, 2020

On this episode, Marina goes over the 5 Stages of Stuck, recognizing how in the journey to discover our highest selves, we sometimes become trapped in a mind space that seems to halt our growth. As Marina explains though, we’re never not moving but instead are falling into either cycles of growth or cycles of decay. Rather than wasting valuable energy feeling stuck, however, Marina wants to help listeners move through whatever stage they feel trapped in so as to redirect that energy and channel it towards finding their dream life. 


The 5 Stages of Stuck Marina discusses include:


Stage 1: Being distracted - In this stage, one is not yet awake to their dream and hasn’t taken the time to think about what they want out of life. 


Stage 2: Being disoriented -  In this stage, one doesn’t know the answer to what they want out of life, but they wish that they did and are seeking clarity. 


Stage 3: Doubting - In this stage, one knows what they want, but they think that it’s either impossible to have or impossible for them to have.


Stage 4: Being disillusioned - In this stage, one may be succeeding, but this success is not bringing fulfillment or true alignment with the self. 


Stage 5: The Dreamer - In this stage, one has become attuned to their truth and can use this in a way that allows for the type of self-negotiation needed to continue moving forward. 


Marina provides an in-depth overview of each of these five stages, describing their causes, what they may feel like, as well as ways to attempt to overcome them. She also explains that because life is cyclic, we drop in and out of these stages and so it is important to learn how to pivot when headed in the wrong direction. To become better at doing this, she encourages listeners to get curious, journal, and, as always, reach out to her for a coaching session if looking for assistance in finding your core compass. 


What You’ll Learn in This Podcast Episode:

  1. About the 5 Stages of Stuck and how to differentiate between each stage
  2. Advice for how to escape each stage of stuckness and continue to move forward in your potential
  3. The difference between flowing into a journey and forcibly creating one
  4. How to collect evidence in order to identify your own stage of stuckness and use evidence to foster self-belief


Helpful Links:

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