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Jan 27, 2020

For today’s podcast, Marina Perry sits down with her cousin and former business partner, Anthony Noud, who works as a nutrition and mindset coach, is the director of Awakened Lifestyles, and who dedicates himself to helping others live their ideal life. Together the two discuss addiction and low self-worth and how to move from these traps towards one’s more awakened self. 

Drawing from his own personal history with drug addiction, Anthony shares his struggle with feelings of worthlessness, false promises to self and others, and the helplessness of not knowing how to change. He offers his story to inspire and help others overcome these same obstacles, asserting that a complete “180 change” is possible and achievable.

Offering advice to those looking to undergo a drastic change in lifestyle, Anthony discusses the concept of “surrendering” oneself to one’s heart rather than head and to listen to others. He and Marina encourage seeking others out for help and to celebrate even the small progresses made along the journey. 

Together, Anthony and Marina share some practices they perform in their own lives that help with constant self-growth and change such as meditation, exercise, and service to others. They also warn against the danger of seeking out “shots of value” to add temporary worth to one’s life, instead advocating for an attitude of gratitude that can help to establish a more lasting acceptance of self. While this process of change will be difficult, they also recommend seeking out ways to bring more “play and more pleasure” to the process so as to find joy throughout it. 

Finally, Anthony and Marina wrap up their conversation with an examination of the differences between guilt and shame, recognizing that while the former can be a healthy form of self-growth and compassion, shame is unhealthy and often only ruins one’s view of the self. For those struggling with shame, they offer advice for how to overcome it and rebuild inner connection that fosters self-love and self-acceptance. Anthony then ends by offering his own personal tips for magnifying energy, empowerment, career, and expression. 

What You’ll Learn in This Podcast:

  1. Advice for undergoing a complete transformation of self
  2. Advice for building true and lasting self-value
  3. Tips for shifting from the “I’ll be happy when” to the “I’m happy now” attitude
  4. How to differentiate between guilt and shame

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