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Apr 27, 2020

On this episode of the Marina Perry Podcast, Marina is solo-recording her show during the COVID-19 pandemic to address a topic that has received a lot of requests: What are my tips for “immunity?” Immunity, Marina explains, extends farther than the physical body, and she will explore elements on how we can thrive, rather than survive during this time, and “step into more energy, more life force, and dial up the vitality factor, for the various and multiple factors that are within our control. 

What is “physical energy?” In this podcast, Marina will share rapid-fire tips with listeners to kick harmful habits that only replenish our energy in the short-term from external energy sources. Depleted energy results in a compromised state, so Marina encourages her listeners to incorporate some of her rapid-fire tips into our daily routines for a healthier self and sense of beingness.

The number one mistake, Marina says, is that people look outside of themselves, of their “skin suit,” for energy. What she means is that we may turn to caffeine, alcohol, and other vices to replenish our energy, however, this “external prop,” or short-term satisfaction will lead to a “super low-low” from these external sources. We then begin to think that energy is only available through these external sources for that kick of energy that we are lacking. 

In the second half of the podcast, Marina moves away from the physical to discuss the topic of sovereign spaces. Sovereign spaces include our body, mind, spirit, and our soul. Marina says that this is our home within the bigger universe, and advises to act intentionally because this is how we build our sense of self within our personal sovereign spaces. Acting with intention will also build your energetic immunity within your own “rainbow bubble,” too. Also, Marina warns listeners to gatekeep their bubble to maintain their energy sources, and take inventory of these three things: 1. What goes in, 2. What comes out, and 3. What is happening within your sovereign space.


Things You Will Learn:

Rapid-fire Physical Energy Tips

  1. Explore energy, what is energy, and how to conserve it
  2. What is Physical Energy?
  3. Kicking short-term solutions
  4. “You Are What You Eat”: tips for a healthier diet and a healthier you
  5. Sleep, Immunity, and Immune Responses
  6. Staying Hydrated with Quality Water
  7. Focusing on Muscle: Metabolic Enhancement Rather than Losing Weight
  8. Fasting: a Tool in the Toolbelt of Wellness
  9. Breath and Deep Breathing


Moving from the Physical tips: 

  1. Rainbow Bubble: Or, Sovereign Space
  2. Maintaining your Sovereign Space and your Magic


External Links

Other tools available: 

Wellness Programs available online and in select health clubs

I. 12-day reboot

II. Fast Fix Formula

III. 8-week Shake Up

IV. Water in the Blue Zone

V. Pure Club


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