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Apr 20, 2020

In this episode of the Marina Perry Podcast, Marina interviews Kylie Boreham, founder of Bham Powerpants. Throughout the episode, Kylie tells her story of surviving an abusive relationship, recapturing her self-esteem with the use of positive affirmations, the creation of her business after the birth of her daughter, and the importance of creating a business utilizing your passions. 

The podcast begins with Kylie reflecting on her life and her experiences surviving an abusive relationship. She goes on to discuss her company, Bham Powerpants, and her passion for creating environmentally conscious and socially impactful clothing, or “ethical fashion.” She then describes the different ways one is able to purchase Powerpants and the charitable donations they make to abuse victims in Papua, New Guinea. 

Kylie then proceeds to discuss her experience surviving an abusive relationship and explains some of the reasons that it can be difficult to leave these relationships. She shares that for her, the physical abuse did not begin immediately, but she was being verbally disrespected and insulted regularly. Kylie and Marina go on to converse about the importance of recognizing when a relationship is ending and the strength it takes to end one.

Lastly, Kylie and Marina discuss the importance of using your passions within your business and the importance of avoiding burnout. For example, Kylie discusses how she uses meditation, yoga, and time with her children to recharge her batteries, and she keeps signs around her office to “remind her why she does what she is doing.” Finally, Marina and Kylie end the podcast with Kylie sharing her personal tips for elevating health and energy and increasing happiness. 


What You’ll Learn in this Podcast Episode:

  1. How the use of positive affirmations can be used to regain self-esteem 
  2. How to incorporate your passions into your business 
  3. Ways to recognize when relationships are turning abusive 
  4. The importance of story in the healing process for abuse victims 


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