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Apr 6, 2020

In this episode of the Marina Perry Podcast, Marina interviews Victoria Jennings, an entrepreneur, best selling author, business consultant, and two-time college founder (IPS Institute and the Dynamic Academy). Throughout the episode, Marina and Victoria discuss lessons that encourage people to embrace their natural strengths while aligning them with their passions in order to increase collaboration with others. Today’s discussion will cover how everyone is different, why we do not think or act the same way, why this is important, how to create more effective teams. 

Marina and Victoria begin by discussing the importance of failure as a teacher and how it is acceptable to fail more than once. They go on to discuss Victoria’s colleges, the IPS Institute and the Dynamic Academy. Both colleges focus on working with an individual’s strengths instead of trying to force them to work within the current academic model. For example, the IPS institute focuses on empowering “blue collar workers” to continue their education while increasing their self-esteem within the classroom setting, while the Dynamic Academy focuses on utilizing profiling tools identifying an individual’s strengths. 

Marina and Victoria go on to discuss the importance of discovering your strengths and the effect this can have on your self-esteem, self understanding, and understanding others. Victoria highlights the 4 Frequencies that people exhibit and examples of the strengths of the people in these frequencies.

Finally,  Victoria then explains her concept of the 1-2-3 Equation for building a successful team. This requires a person to understand what their strength frequency is and what they need on their team to be successful.  Marina and Victoria talk about the importance of having a balanced team, and in doing so, how the team can capitalize on individual strengths and thus is more likely to experience higher profits and higher satisfaction.


What You’ll Learn in This Podcast Episode:

  1. What the 4 Frequencies are in relation to a team 
  2. How to recognize your own strengths and the strengths in others 
  3. The importance of having a balanced team
  4. The Equation for Wealth and its application 
  5. The importance of pursuing a career utilizing your strengths 


Helpful Links: 

Victoria Jennings’ LinkedIn:


IPS Institute Information:[0]=68.ARAzIobWtMKypzSr--xs11ebuAbdzuQn820E1mIMEXNBea471MOn4rHCYcJNwmxYrENYuwUy0q5DjSk5tSM3Y63uSNy5Y8xEUHzMnHuBZvrY6_mQ1ie2vBzFPxBhB3J3U38MfWlqiCy4r6gDS8KodNfgSx7tiW1g6LcjQe1eLVtPhwNEArqmGbGdiHtaBVMVLz8DyucdaW16bZTTOXEIHPawu2V_Xt6qCt53wpS5_RcBbIrK_4E49XTzHY0Mc8oqAgGhF6dWcyEvk6cXA6YHn9jDW81g4el-qG54Vfh-_NlNeqzus3HseXvx1uwbgiR54AXVrJXvkAaTLbPSG8lNA-jYiQ&__tn__=kC-R


Dynamic Academy Profile Assessment:


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