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Mar 23, 2020

On this episode of The Marina Perry Podcast, Marina interviews Michelle Wilson, founder of Unicorn Empire Media, a business growth agency dedicated to helping entrepreneurs navigate digital marketing. Together, Michelle and Marina discuss advice for entrepreneurs, the power of authenticity, and the importance of beauty and its connection to empowerment.

Michelle and Marina begin by talking about personal branding and how personal branding has recently exploded due to a higher demand for transparency and authenticity by consumers. Today, people are more inclined to want to know the person behind the business, therefore making the personality of the business even more important.  Recognizing this demand, Michelle’s UE Media helps people to visually represent themselves in alignment with their personal brand. Drawing from this experience, Michelle shares with Marina the importance of narrowing down one’s market and finding one’s niche. She also explains how having a positive mental attitude, self-belief, and not worrying about what others think are each key to achieving the goals we want and overcoming personal mental blocks. 

In addition to entrepreneurship, Michelle and Marina also discuss the importance of beauty and how oftentimes “it feels amazing to look amazing.” They differentiate between putting time into one’s appearance and superficiality and how making an effort to look one’s best is about embodying both your natural beauty as well as your imperfections. Taking the time to look and feel good demonstrates an investment in the self that can then help someone to show up in better alignment with their self. 

Finally, Michelle offers tips for beginner entrepreneurs or those looking to take their business to the next level. She also shares her personal advice for better elevating her health, elevating her empowerment, and elevating her expression in the world. She discusses the difficulty of changing identities but also how doing so can lead to new lessons and better alignment and can open a person up to becoming more authentically and unapologetically themselves. 

What You’ll Learn in This Podcast Episode:

  1. What is personal branding and why it is so popular right now
  2. The biggest mistake entrepreneurs are making
  3. How to overcome the fear of being seen when marketing
  4. The importance beauty can play in self-empowerment
  5. Tips for beginning entrepreneurs 

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