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Mar 16, 2020

On this episode of the Marina Perry Podcast, Marina talks about decision-making and discernment. She defines for listeners exactly what discernment is and why it is such an important skill when it comes to decision-making. Recognizing the vast number of decisions people make in a day, Marina points out how easy it can be to fall into a state of decision-making fatigue and how indecision itself can come to have a significant cost. Therefore, she dedicates this episode to providing listeners tips on how to become better at decision-making. 


First, Marina encourages listeners to reflect on how they’ve come to make decisions in the past. Do you make decisions on your own? Do you seek guidance from someone else? Who is it that you typically talk to? Do they usually end up guiding you or rather do they simply make the decision for you? By reflecting on these questions, Marina explains how we can begin to understand the ways in which our survival codes and perhaps even our stored trauma influence the ways in which we make decisions. 


It is because of the way our bodies react to decision-making that Marina then encourages going within the body as a place to begin this process. She recommends starting with your thoughts and taking the time to map them out concerning a particular decision; then she recommends thinking about your senses and what your physical body is saying about the decision; and finally, she encourages you to go deeper and tap into your spirit and how it feels about the decision. In practicing these three levels of reflection, you’ll be able to start better attuning yourself to the frequency of what decisions are in your highest good. 


Finally, Marina advises listeners to look to what they’ve done in the past when it comes to decision-making and perhaps alter these behaviors by doing the opposite temporarily, a practice that allows you space for personal discernment to come through and can help to better sharpen your integrity. She explains that becoming better at making decisions best suited for the person you want to be comes from deepening and playing with this process of discernment. By allowing yourself to do so you’re also strengthening your self-trust, which is absolutely necessary for achieving self-sovereignty.  

What You’ll Learn in This Podcast Episode: 

  1. The differences between decision-making and discernment and how the two work together
  2. Insight into the psychology behind why people can be indecisive or prefer others making their decisions
  3. A definition of “gaslighting” and how it erodes self-trust
  4. How choosing not to make a decision becomes a decision in itself 
  5. Tips for refining your decision-making process and practicing better discernment 


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