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Feb 14, 2022

This week on the Marina Perry Podcast, Marina chats with Devashi Shakti about fostering wholeness in womanhood in this part 2 live special. Devashi has been a leader in the feminine embodiment space for years and creator of Tigress Yoga- yoga for women by women-centered around female empowerment. 


Today, being a woman amplifies the incredible challenge of embodying trust and surrender in uncertain times. To feel safe in our body and trust the divine plan for humanity. Practicing to surrender is about trusting the intellect of your instinctive body, which has far more knowledge than we realize. It's about trusting the bigger parts of yourself that know precisely what's going on and how to lead you through this time and leaning into them. Paying attention to the subtle experiences of your body can help.


When someone is so dysregulated and wounded, they pass on to the people they encounter each day. Being on the receiving end of that trauma is like an artificial veil over the truth, and we mistakenly believe things about ourselves and our worth. The wholeness journey is an opportunity to cleanse yourself of trauma and clear that out of your space so that you can be more complete. 


Just because we can do something doesn't mean we always should. Humanity can evolve to be truly wise and constantly learning more, and a lot of the work is letting go of false perception. As we become older and wiser, the discernment point is, "at what cost," and where we hold the line and say we've gone too far. Will we be brave enough to make that correction when that moment comes?


The ability of women to imprint their children with experience is unbelievably essential to furthering humanity. Listen to your inner knowing even when it's heavily contrasted with the status quo and cultivate that learning. It starts with being willing to face contrast—question what your soul is driving you to question and have the courage to follow through on it.

What You Will Learn:

  1. What it means to be a modern woman and the struggles of wholeness
  2. How trauma plays into the wholeness journey
  3. What we can do to not only develop our own wholeness but pass our experiences on to the next generation