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May 31, 2021

Belinda has a background in transpersonal psychology, neuropsychology, neurolinguistics, and much more. She wrote the book on Love Codes and is here to talk about soul-satisfying love and how we make relationships harder than they need to be. We live in a world where it gets trickier and trickier to stay politically correct and inclusive. Belinda'sBelinda's book is written around a woman's relationship with a man, and that's the relationship dynamic that they will be focusing on in this show. Inclusion is important. However, Belinda is an expert in hetero-type, masculine/feminine relationships and not a specialist in others, which is why the conversation will stay to one side.


Belinda explains that there's a place and a time for all the energies in our lives, including masculine and feminine. It is a spectrum between them, and we get to choose where on that spectrum and when. Masculine energy can create a battlefield because it's competitive and fun. If you, as a woman, stay in the masculine space, the man has two options: occupy the feminine space or stay masculine and exist in that battlefield. It'sIt's all about balancing that space and learning when to switch to more feminine energy when needed. 


Feminine energy revolves more around emotions. Instead of directing the energy, the feminine is about being more receptive and seeing where it goes. Belinda recommends actually feeling the feelings in an argument, not just in a sudden flash or by analyzing them. Masculine energy will respond with a more protective direction. Don'tDon't project onto your partner emotionally, but be in the moment of the emotion and react naturally.  


Belinda talks about the four types of women. Single women who just aren't getting asked on dates or go on so many dates but can't seem to find what they want. She'sShe's seen women in marriages unsure if it can improve or if they want to leave. When you tap into this more feminine energy, you develop a more balanced polarity and start, continue, or end your relationship with much more grace. 


Choosing what you want your relationship to be is crucial. Relationships should be easy, but zero conflict isn't always a good sign. If you're looking for growth, make sure you're giving yourself other areas to grow outside your relationship. To find out what we want in our relationships, we need to learn to understand the language of the unconscious. Belinda also mentions that the way we approach relationships isn't always our fault and can be influenced by fear and/or trauma. We have to practice spending time in the feelings we want in a relationship to hardwire ourselves into seeking it out. 


Invisible influence is a state we can embody as women where we start to influence that change around us. We can't change others, but it creates a ripple effect that incites change elsewhere if we change ourselves. It'sIt's not about being loved; it's about allowing ourselves to be loved in the way we're looking to be loved. As a society, and especially as women, we don't know how to receive and to receive is very feminine.


The thing about desire is once you have it, you can't desire it anymore. So if you are in a relationship that always has a level of insecurity, there will always be a higher level of attraction. In contrast, love is about absolute safety and security. One way to recultivate desire is to reintroduce a little bit of insecurity using wisdom and practice before bringing it back to safe and secure. One side of the spectrum introduces a little bit of space between partners to do their own thing. The opposite end would be something along the lines of an open relationship. 


The biggest takeaway for Belinda is to remember we can say yes to love in every moment. It's up to us, and it's time to really start valuing the feminine aspect of life. 


What You Will Learn:

  1. Belinda's expertise on heterosexual relationship dynamics.
  2. The balance of masculine and feminine energy and how utilizing the spectrum can bring balance to your relationship.
  3. Where women go wrong in finding satisfying relationships with men and ways they can work to correct it.

Special Announcement:

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