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Dec 7, 2020

On this episode of the Marina Perry Podcast, Marina is solo this week on the podcast to lead a discussion about promoting positive change in the world by harnessing our personal superpowers. More specifically, Marina will discuss the importance of the power of choice and break down what it means to have the power of choice, how choice can be expressed both as an individual and within a collective, and ways in which everyone can be more mindful about their habits and choices as well as choose to explore more sustainable ways of living to promote positive change as both an individual and a member of a larger social system. 


Inspired by David Attenborough’s latest environmental documentary, Marina wants to share with listeners what it means to have the power of choice. For example, as an individual, what little changes can you implement into your daily schedule that will ultimately help the environment? Making the choice to carry a reusable bag rather than accumulate mountains of single-use plastic bags or refusing disposable takeout utensils can be the first step in being more mindful and aware of our environmental impact on the personal level.  


Upcycling clothing and furniture, shopping locally, and even growing small personal gardens are also all powers of choice that can shift the flow of sustainability from the individual to the collective. Marina also takes time to remind her audience that corporations or systems of power oftentimes are wired in ways that are not within an individual’s best interest, and instead, these systems of powers profit from greed and continue to remain in power. She also reminds listeners that self-sovereignty gives us the right as individuals and consumers to purposefully decide where our dollars go and what businesses or corporations we continue to support with our money. 


Next time before you buy, ask yourself: Can I buy more local, sustainable, ethical, and environmental? 


Things You Will Learn

You will learn how to positively impact the world with your superpower: the power of choice. This episode breaks down the power of choice between both the individual and the collective, how to be more mindful of your spending habits, and which approaches you should consider when having conversations around promoting change, as well.


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