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Feb 7, 2022

Many parents encourage women to grow up like men and not to need a man but to be strong and dependable on their own. The issue is that it raises women prone to hyper-independence and self-reliance. They often struggle with depending on others and believe they must do everything independently. While it’s great for building strong and resilient people, it also causes them to push away great relationships with people that come into their lives. 


Whether it’s setting aside exercise or time to read a book, we must be taking care of ourselves by putting ourselves first. We are valuable people, and we can’t keep serving others unless we take time to serve ourselves, too. The practice of being in nothingness can help you be more present at the moment, more in-tune with yourself and your needs, and have an easier time dropping into the present at a moment’s notice. We have so many different parts, so being in our wholeness means being with all parts of us. It means bringing all those contradicting parts together physically, emotionally, and spiritually to be our more complete selves. 


Attunement is an ever-evolving, constantly expanding the concept and is something that as you work with it, you will become more and more finitely attuned to yourself and the world. As you continue in your journey, the nuances you experience allow you the room to check yourself and expand into a more in-tune, more enlightened person offering the highest level of service to your fellow human. So, if you’re feeling stuck or small, inquire. Curiosity is a superpower. Look at what is alive within you and what your soul calls for you to do. 

What You Will Learn:

  1. What it means to be a woman and the preconceived notions we often grow up having.
  2. How taking time to serve yourself can help you serve others.
  3. The importance of ever-evolving attunement to being your whole self.