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Jun 5, 2023

This week on the Marina Perry Podcast, Marina is joined by Narelle Clyde, a spiritual mentor and life coach, to unpack light language. Light language is a multi-dimensional form of communication that speaks directly to the heart, soul, body, energy field of human consciousness, and also animals and nature. It is a healing frequency that can transmute anything into a loving frequency.


If you think about stuck emotions, traumas, and other difficult experiences we can have that get congested in the body, light language works as an energy healing tool to transmute through it. We already use light in traditional medicine to heal and explore the body. X-rays, for example, are a certain frequency of light. Humans are multidimensional beings. So we are here on this 3D earth plane as physical beings, but we also exist through other dimensions. Research has shown that there are up to 13 dimensions, and we exist in them all. So through those dimensions, we have access to different frequencies. 


Narelle  has received quite a bit of pushback over her career from people who can’t make sense of her work, but in deciding to take light language seriously in her own life, she did a live stream online about who she was, what she does, what light language is, and what she uses it for. From there, everything just blew up in the best way. This universe went “yes, this is alignment; this is your fullest expression.” And clients started coming in from everywhere.


It's a nuanced experience, and a piece of a cosmic puzzle. It's a return to more wholeness, which arguably is a return to greater light. The purpose of life is to be happy, and yet we know with the epidemic we have of depression, anxiety, and the pharmaceutical culture, we’re in a lack of happiness. The worst thing we can do is think about it and let it ruminate because we send ourselves in a spiral and it's soul destroying. We need to be in charge of who we are and who we want to be, and light language is a tool available to you if you seek it out.


Learn all this and more on this episode of the Marina Perry Podcast!


What You Will Learn:


  1. What light language is

  2. Narelle’s background and how she came into light work

  3. How we can utilise light language to come into our higher selves