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Feb 4, 2023

This week on the Marina Perry Podcast, Marina is joined by Caitlin, someone Marina met through Pure Health Club who also participated in Dream Builder. She’s done the program multiple times, and started out as a PT. She now works as a confidence coach and has built her dream life thanks to the confidence and empowerment she built in her life. 


Holistic health and nutrition has always been close to Caitlin’s heart, and as soon as she learned about Marina’s business and mission, she knew immediately she needed to work with her. She was very much focused on how she wasn’t good enough, and was living in a lot of fear. She felt like a complete fraud and didn’t know what she was doing. What led Caitlin to dive deep into her work with Marina and seek out Dream Builder was letting go of that fear and resistence.


At that point, Caitlin was trapped in a defensive state, and the intimate groups of Dream Builder forced her to work through that resistance. She had no idea what she was doing or where she wanted to go in life, so the first Dream Builder planted seeds around self-sovereignty, awareness, and figuring out what she wanted. The second time, she was experiencing a lot of change in life, and the program got her to the otherside of that situation. The third time she took Dream Builder, she saw herself in a future she never considered and reached out to achieve that next level. 


Dream Builder was the thing that allowed Caitlin to step in and own her next step in life. Listen now to hear more about what Dream Builder can do for you. 


What You Will Learn:


  1. An inside look at Dream Builder
  2. Background on Caitlin and what brought her to the program
  3. How Dream Builder can benefit you