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Dec 13, 2021

Hello and welcome to another episode of the Marina Perry Podcast. This week, Marina is joined by Tino Beth. Tino assists leaders and entrepreneurs to engineer their purpose in the quantum field, update self-awareness, and manage mental health. How Tino got into his industry was very much a Hero's Journey, or a transformative pathway through life that acts as a "call to adventure." After leaving his full-time job several years ago, Tino decided not to continue down a tried-and-true career path and instead reinvented his life. He looked deep within to figure out what he could contribute most to society, which led him to help others reach their higher selves through their connection to the quantum field.


Everything you think about has an aspect of and is connected to the quantum field. It can come in "yes" or "no," taking very linear representations. Your mindset is your quantum sender and receiver, so if you think about why something is too hard or why you can't do it, that's tapping into the "no" side. Shifting to the "yes" is as simple as changing the thought process around it. 


The goal is to bring consciousness and attention into our automated mental loop to create different outcomes. The key to creating more self-awareness is to check in with all the quantum loops we hold with us every day and not let one sideswipe your attention or take you off guard. Consciousness changes the state of things at the quantum level, and developing consciousness through self-awareness means identifying what will accelerate your journey the most so you can focus your attention there. Tino encourages you to reflect, sit back, and adjust as you go. Don't be afraid of the unknown and take little steps throughout the day, whether a different route to work or a new break in routine, to get more accustomed to living there. 


The biggest mistake many people make is allowing too many ideas into their minds that aren't their own. There's no firewall checking that everything fits with our neuro-network we've developed over our entire lives. When you're working with quantum feedback and coming into mastery, you're going from learning the mind into the infinite. That's why people who work with quantum fields talk about collapsing time and speeding up manifestation. There is a natural call and response when you're in tune with your consciousness in nature. Nature reflects it and steers you in the direction you need to go. 


The power of the universe is living within you, and all you have to do is have the courage to trust and follow it. Awareness has no limits. Now is the time to double down and focus on where your place in the universe is.


What You Will Learn:

  1. What the quantum field is and how it connects to the conscious and unconscious mind.
  2. Tino's tips for increasing self-awareness and cultivating more complete consciousness.
  3. What you can do to utilize quantum fields to better manifest goals, level up in life and career, and reach a higher self.