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Nov 22, 2021

Hello and welcome to another episode of the Marina Perry podcast. Joining Marina today is Mason Taylor, owner and founder of SuperFeast, one of the foremost companies offering tonics, herbs, and medicinal mushrooms. Mason started with mushrooms twelve years ago when he began a journey into better health and wellness.


The herbs, mushrooms, and berries Mason works with have been identified worldwide as the herbs that modulate the body, and tonic herbs have long been called the Bridge to Heaven. As you become more familiar, you'll learn which herbs help your body the best, balance your yin and yang, and help you cultivate life. The first herbs Mason went into were medicinal mushrooms because practitioners have revered them for thousands of years. They can stimulate the immune system, and if you give the immune system what it needs, it hits receptors that turn pathways on. This can regulate better and even fight infection. 


Mason recommends listening to your body and using your intuition when including herbs and mushrooms into your wellness routine. For example, some people like cycling, and others prefer taking the same product every day. Mason also explains how important it is that we sustainably get these herbs and not rip the earth apart to get them. No matter what you pick to start with, you're going to get your foot in the door, and that's what's most important. Mason also recommends starting with at least two herbs and going from there with adding and taking away. Other than that, Mason can offer some guidance, but there aren't many rules because it's such a personal experience.


If you're looking to activate energy, look at your sleep hygiene to determine what kind of energy you're lacking and why. When you're lacking empowerment, you've most likely fallen into some ideological doctrine, and you're confused due to apathy, or you've gone far into a halting mindset. Mason recommends starting to contradict yourself in a safe space and looking at the people opposing your narrative to determine why it's triggering to you. 


Remember, true intelligence is the capacity to hold two opposing ideas simultaneously and still thrive. And take medicinal mushrooms!

What You Will Learn:

  1. Background on Mason and what led him to work with mushrooms.
  2. The best places to start working with medicinal mushrooms.
  3. Mason's tips and recommendations for using medicinal mushrooms.

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