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Jul 26, 2021

We learn so many skills throughout life about the world, like physics, finances, and construction, but it’s mindblowing how little people learn and understand themselves. We distance ourselves from ourselves so much because no one has ever helped them understand how truly magnificent they are. True transformational coaching is all about getting the handbook to your system. Otherwise, you will always be limited by the system we live in. 


It’s not about some people being more capable or luckier. Some people know how to better work with the system of their inner humanness. There are things outside what you think you want you can’t even conceive of. Marina’s journey into coaching started with better understanding herself and her own design and increasing her own wholeness and acceptance. When you know how to take the initiative and upgrade your inner system, you are gifted with an infinite ability to ripple outward positive change and achieve calm happiness in the face of challenges. 


If you’re a mother, getting certified as a coach will make you the most exceptional, embodied, calm human you can be. You’ll learn all the language and how to record your conscious mind. You’ll also get a broad range of tools to facilitate those shifts and change because what works for one person won’t always work for others. So if you want to do the deepest personal work of your life, clean up your lineage or trauma, consider this program. It’s an investment in ourselves. 


What You Will Learn:

  1. What transformational change is just waiting to be brought into your life
  2. What working with a certified coach or becoming one yourself has to offer
  3. How you can benefit from the program