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May 24, 2021

Pippa is a highly qualified expert in many modalities like yoga, pilates, astrology, and more. Marina and Pippa met many years ago through a yoga teacher, and they just instantly connected. As for what animals Pippa thinks she's most like, she'd have to say a horse or a turtle. And the superpower she'd most want is to be about to pause time. When Pippa and Marina first met, they were coming out of very chaotic times in their lives and pursuing the more spiritual sides of science. 


After returning from her yoga teaching training, Pippa's life started to go in a direction she didn't expect, and one by one, she began to lose things she knew and was comfortable with. Her business, her husband, her house, the cars all went one by one. It forced her to reassess her values and turn inward. That act of being forced to give up those things that we feel like we can't live without and really just surrender, that's when we're able to re-identify and learn we can be anything we want.


Pippa believes she used to put a lot of security in physical things, so when all those things got taken away, she had to look for a new sense of groundedness and home. She never was really an anxious person. Being in a new country, with a new baby, not knowing anyone for thousands of miles, she started to become more of an anxious person and needed to resolve that feeling. She ended up connecting with an astrologist who gave her jaw-dropping information, and Pippa decided she just needed to understand more about it. 


With meditation, you can't force it, and things don't always go quiet. Your thoughts might not settle down, and that's okay. Gradually, as you practice, those thoughts slow down, and you find those moments of quiet. Also, you get what you need that day from meditation. For example, if you fall asleep, your body needs sleep, and meditation gives it to you. There are many ways to do it, like mantra or breath. They're just tools to distract you from those thoughts while you continue to practice to slow them down. There's a lot to it, but it's actually quite simple at the end of the day.   


Marina shared a similar experience as Pippa when her chart was first to read, and it blew her mind with how accurate it was. We know that everything in our universe is related- the Moon controls the tides, and humans are made of 90% water - it would make sense that on the day of our birth, all those gravitational forces would have an imprint on that person. Pippa is more into sharing what she knows more than trying to convince someone of the validity of astrology and the deeper consciousness. When you think about it, so much of our lives revolve around the sun (when you go to sleep, when to wake up, when to plant crops, etc.) that it's hard to believe the other stars and planets don't have any effect on us at all.  


Many people misunderstand astrology because they don't realize how much there is to it. They attribute it to just their sun sign and whether it fits or it doesn't fit their personality. In reality, there are twelve houses. It helps to explain why two people can be Leos but can also be so different. Pippa adds that Astrology is ancient wisdom; it's been around for a very long time. A birth chart is a blueprint of where the sun and all the planets were on the day and time and your birth. Where the planets are in relation to the sun, and each other can also influence your energy. It's very mathematical at its very essence.


Where the transits of planets and their current cycling can affect your current situation based on your birth chart. There are also 3 major categories most astrologers look at Sun, Moon, and Rising. Your sun is your external self-expression and outwardly to the word. The Moon represents our more internal and introspective world and how we deal with emotions. The rising sign represents more of your soul's calling and your spiritual journey. They're always in the first house because it's our ascendent.  


The chart isn't a seal of fate. It provides deep insight into who you are and what it makes. But we still have full autonomy. However, the universe at some point is going to guide you back there. Pippa doesn't believe there's anything good or bad, but more natural gifts and challenges. Not knowing means you'll go back through the same cycle and make the same mistakes. Knowing your chart can help you understand more about who you tend to be so you can stop making those mistakes over and over. It's another base of understanding and can even positively impact how to deal with each other. 


For Pippa, astrology provides an insight into which tool would be the most beneficial to specific situations. The more she can learn about different practices in life, the more tools she has to use. Pippa recommends meditating to elevate your energy. In terms of empowerment, understanding the things you shy away from and hard or comfortable to do. Instead of shying away from them, step into them and face them. The most important thing is to learn all about yourself, learn how to be yourself and not anyone else. All those weird things inside of you are gifts, and they make you unique. Be okay to be you.


What You Will Learn:

  1. Background on Pippa Clare, how she and Marina came to be friends and her various qualifications.
  2. Basic information on astrology works and common misconceptions. 
  3. An in-depth look at birth charts, what they tell us, and how that knowledge can be applied to our daily lives.