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Jan 4, 2021

On this episode of the Marina Perry Podcast, Marina explores the topic of men’s medicine and growth work with proud entrepreneur, coach, husband, and father, Lino Hola. Lino is the founder of Men’s Medicine, a mental health organization and support group for both men and women, and on this podcast, he and Marina will explore the topic of men’s medicine: what it is, why it's significant, and how everyone can benefit from diving deeper into this specific type of self-growth work.  


How did Lino start his journey into the field of men’s work (or life-coaching specifically for men)? After coaching his first male-exclusive workshop, Lino felt personally called upon to continue his work advocating for and promoting change around men’s mental health and personal development. He wants to encourage fellow men to explore growth work through the core values of connection, community, and culture, as well as provide a safe space where men feel invited to share and open up. As an NLP Master Practitioner, Soma Breathwork Facilitator, and personal trainer, Lino combines all of his expertise and talents to help people reach the results they want to achieve and reach their true potential. 


How should men take their first steps to beginning their journey with men’s medicine and men’s growth work? Lino breaks down the structure of a typical men’s medicine workshop, addresses misconceptions around men’s medicine, and shares invaluable advice for those who are interested in becoming involved with men’s medicine workshops, breath work, or just feeling more connected to oneself. Lino also shares a few daily tips anyone can incorporate into their daily routine in order to set yourself up for a more positive day ahead of you. 

Things You Will Learn

You will learn what men’s medicine and growth work is, what it’s significant, and how everyone can benefit from it. You will also learn some invaluable tips for incorporating new habits into your daily routines that will help empower you to reach your full potential as both an individual and a member of a community. 


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