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Dec 1, 2020

On this episode of the Marina Perry Podcast, Marina interviews Jennifer Cauchi, the founder and formulator of blūm (pronounced “bloom”) organics: a range of self-care support products and tools tailored for women to unleash their true self and recalibrate their body, too. These products are convenient tools for busy women, as well as daily reminders to check in with ourselves and our needs. Jennifer’s biggest passion in life is sharing her experiences and journey with other women, and on this episode, she opens up to listeners about a few experiences she believes many women have most likely also experienced, too, as she tried to gather answers around her health, career, and future as a fully empowered woman, mother, and entrepreneur. 


What is an aura and why does someone need an aura mist? Jennifer created her mists to help immediately shift the energies, or aura, of a space or within your own auric field. When sprayed, the carefully curated ingredients in the mist triggers smell receptors within the olfactory system which then signals the limbic system to produce a desirable response or emotion. This can completely shift anyone’s auric field within seconds, and Jennifer personally perfected her crystal powers within each bottle to perfectly evoke a variety of deep, powerful feelings. 


Jennifer created her products with an intentional design to source organic, locally-grown and farmed, small-scale, and sustainable ingredients, to build and create her products and packaging for blūm organics. Jennifer also works with indigenous communities and native Australians to purchase locally-sourced ingredients that later go into the miracle products that she manufactures all in-house. As the founder of her own company, blūm organics, Jennifer hopes that her products are a catalyst for women to become reacquainted with themselves as well as tune for the deep personal connection we all deserve. 


Things You Will Learn

You will learn about Jennifer’s journey as a wellness entrepreneur, the power of aura-shifting mists, different ways in which you can empower yourself and fellow women, and some tips to bring yourself back into your body.


Social Media

Let me know what you want to hear on future episodes, or tag me in a screenshot on Instagram @iammarinaperry. Check out Jennifer Cauchi and blūm organics on Instagram: @blumorganics.

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