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Nov 24, 2020

Marina is solo this week on the podcast for a conversation about ecology, belonging, and relationship ecosystems (or spheres.) She will explain what it means to feel “safe” within our individual ecological safety zones, how past, present, and future relationships shape our sense of belonging, and how you can explore different ways to tackle re-coding learned behaviors and help you move in the direction you want to be through growth work. 


You may have many different types of spheres of which you are involved: family, work, school, social, etc., are all different ecosystems, or spheres, that may have different sets of rules of belonging within them. And, as humans, since we inevitably want to belong, we may adapt certain behaviors across different ecosystems in order to simultaneously maintain a sense of belonging and create an ecological safety zone where our sense of self and identity feels safe.


Marina also reminds listeners that ecological safety zones are based on the ecology you were born into in addition to the ecology you choose to stay connected to, and that any relationship outside of your family is chosen. Also, past relationships or past models of relationships code or influence the ways in which we will view and experience future relationships.These belief structures are unconscious, and oftentimes, can even lead to volatile cycles of self-sabotage in order to maintain a “safe” ecosystem that is familiar rather than healthy.    


Growth work, however, is centered around getting into the habit of assessing one’s beliefs and then overriding old, learned, codes in exchange for habits and behaviors that align more with one’s beliefs and values. Seeking new beliefs and behaviors with a coach can help unlock your conscious mind and recode old habits and behaviors as safe and also give you the results that you want to see from the view of an expert third-party perspective.

Things You Will Learn

You will learn about ecology and belonging, how formative relationships influence future ones, and tricks to help re-code learned behaviors and achieve the results you want to see through growth work. 


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