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Feb 24, 2020

On today’s podcast, Marina Perry interviews Dévashi Shakti, an educator, mentor, psychotherapist, coach and bodyworker and the world’s first founder of feminine yoga for women’s bodies, which she calls Tigress Yoga. Dedicated to her work as a sacred, feminine, medicine trainer, Dévashi shares with Marina her beliefs about feminine embodiment education, what led her to her path, and how others can become in tune with their own sovereignty and wholeness as well. 

Sharing her story about how she became involved with therapeutic healing from a young age, Dévashi encourages listeners to listen to their own soul-callings and trust their intuition and the natural human capacity to know one’s self. She advises listeners to feel rather than just always think and be aware of how external focuses can often lead us astray from our right path. 

Clarifying how Tigress Yoga differs from other yoga styles in its emphasis on awakening the female body, Dévashi explains to Marina her understandings of Tantric body work as well as her experience with somatic psychotherapy. She discusses how these body-focused approaches to self-alignment help women to go deeper into themselves to heal, transform, and evolve. 

Dévashi encourages women to “move out of the mind and into the being,” offering advice on some of the best ways to do so. Her and Marina also discuss the importance of this work in a largely patriarchal society and the ways it helps to cultivate a sacred feminine energy for the self that can then be spread to others. To do so, however, one must be willing to be the change, step forward, as well as commit to practices of self-nourishment. 

Marina and Dévashi then move into a discussion concerning different archetypal energies such as those of the Queen, Gypsy, and Goddess. Dévashi explains how these archetypes look different for different women and are therefore expressed in different ways. Ultimately, however, the archetypes serve as a means for women to explore themselves in their “fullest expression.”

Finally, Marina and Dévashi end their conversation with tips for tapping into one’s feminine energy, Dévashi sharing her favorite ways to express her femininity as well as her masculinity. Her and Marina also offer advice for better activating Gypsy energy as well as how to begin shifting from feelings of self-loathing into self-appreciation. Dévashi finishes her interview by reaffirming that the divine feminine is something innate to all women, and it can be achieved by a re-remembering of the fullness of self. 

Things You’ll Learn in This Podcast: 

  1. An introduction to feminine medicine coaching and tantric body work
  2. Strategies for connecting with one’s inner feeling
  3. Somatic practices for transforming the self
  4. A breakdown of archetypal energies and their expressions
  5. Tips for tapping into one’s feminine energy
  6. How to begin shifting from self-loathing to appreciation of self


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