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Nov 9, 2020

Marina is solo this week on the podcast to dive into a conversation around triggers, radical responsibility, and how listeners can reclaim self-sovereignty when someone else tries to steal their power. 


Marina starts the conversation off with unpacking a few definitions for her listeners. She discusses what a trigger is, how it may feel, and why it manifests and is expressed differently in each and every person. She also breaks down the definition of growth work, what “being wrong” means as well as what it means to us internally, and unpacking our internal structures and beliefs.


Marina suggests getting curious about our triggers as the first step to taking responsibility as well as our power back from the unconscious reaction of our personal internal codes. However, she also advises her audience to take less responsibility for the triggers of others. 


After identifying what your unconscious responses (or triggers) are and how you usually express them, you can then move toward rewiring the less desirable behavior or the internal codes to better reflect the person you aspire to be. A greater awareness in the self can help someone modify their behaviors for the benefit of others, however, it can also come at a cost of diminishing one’s own power in response to someone else’s trigger. When are you dimmining your own light in life to illuminate others? 


Practicing radical responsibility can help you start a conversation with others, too, about your individual triggers as well as introduce a discussion or compromise about how you would each feel most comfortable in future situations when another unconscious reaction is triggered. Radical responsibility doesn’t mean taking on someone else’s trigger, though, or sacrificing your own power for the sake of helping someone else reclaim theirs. 


Things You Will Learn

You will learn about triggers, how they manifest and are expressed differently in others, what radical responsibility is, and how to stay sovereign when someone else tries to steal your power. 

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