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Sep 28, 2020

On this episode of the Marina Perry Podcast, Marina has guest Rossco Paddison on to unpack the world of cryptocurrency to listeners, as well as discuss how you can become financially self-sovereign in digital marketplaces. Together, they will dig deep into what cryptocurrency is, what it does, and why you should be more informed about it.


What is a cryptocurrency and why is it important? Transactions within the digital environment, instead of taking paper money, requires its own unique currency in exchange for goods and services, and this type of exchange, Rossco explains, could be the new, future iteration of how we will exchange money. When you exchange money with cryptocurrency online, you can do so safely and securely even if you usually do not have—or not permitted to have—reliable access to a bank or your own liquid assets. Creating your access and taking control of your own finances is, as Roscoe adds, a form of self-sovereignty. 


It’s the digital wallet that you can control from anywhere with stable coins. Once it’s in your wallet, you can start earning with it safely and securely. 


He also admits, though,  that we are early within adopting and integrating this new technology and market; however, we may be interacting with it already whether we know it or not as the market increases and the technology evolves. However, Bitcoin (one of the first forms of cryptocurrency) or other forms of this currency is not practical for certain daily situations or purchases such as buying groceries. Additionally, its worth fluctuates more than liquid assets such as gold or paper money, so many experts would consider this a volatile investment.  


Although there may be foreseeable problems within this market of cryptocurrency or in the way that society adapts and changes in the way it performs exchanges for goods and services, Rossco is optimistic in that he sees problems as an opportunity for someone to feel compelled enough to finally do something about it and address it head-on. New problems simply require new solutions. And, becoming aware of these problems and recognizing them is the first step forward in the right direction.  


Things You Will Learn

You will learn 

  1. What cryptocurrency is, what it does, and it can help you become financially self-sovereign 
  2. Roscoe’s recommendations for your first cryptocurrency exchanges 
  3. How to become comfortable with the uncomfortable market of exchanging, purchasing, and receiving cryptocurrency


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