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Sep 7, 2020

This episode of the Marina Perry Podcast is brought to you by the 12 Day Reboot Program from the School of Growth to help detox your mind and body and promote gut health. 


Marina kicks off the hot tips with her number one good habit: hydration. Many of us are dehydrated, and this is a quick and easy way to incorporate a new good habit into your lifestyle. However, also be mindful of your water quality if you are drinking from a tap. Marina suggests setting out a large water bottle at night to rehydrate as soon as you wake up. She also suggests cutting sugar and process foods from your diet. She wants listeners to remember that we are, literally, what we eat, so you will feel better if you limit your intake of refined sugar, grains, and processed foods. 


The third tip is: find your soul song. Marina explains that a soul song is a song that you use to shake out any negative feelings and change your body and mind state in a more positive direction. Also reading or listening to a podcast for at least ten minutes a day can be a meditative way to change your mood or negative state, too, and you might also learn something while you do it. Marina suggests bringing presentness to your daily activities to keep you stimulated while you complete routine tasks.


Create a healthy bedtime routine that is consistent for you. Changing into pajamas and avoiding using your bed as a workspace will help signal to your brain that you are about to go to bed, and your body will also begin to settle down for the night. She also adds that journaling may be a beneficial nighttime activity to recenter yourself and take personal inventory without relying on the feedback of others. 


Marina stresses that meditation and future pacing are integral to maintaining her healthier lifestyle, too, as they provide her with a deeper awareness of her sense of self and deciding who or what is serving her. Exercising may also provide people with a deeper connection to their sense of self—even when starting small. Incorporating more movement into your daily routine will make you feel noticeably different when you practice moving your body.


Detoxing from the television or mainstream media may also provide some time and space for yourself to see what your values are as well as objectively see how much of this media you actually consumed within a day. After you declutter your mind, declutter the physical spaces around you—especially those problem areas you have been avoiding for a while. Marina reminds listeners that any one of these tips will create a ripple effect in your life of positive change and that in six month’s time, you will not even believe the kind of different person you can be. 

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You will learn 13 hot tips and tools for daily lifestyle changes that will bring you more health, happiness, and heartfulness. 


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