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Aug 10, 2020

On this episode of the Marina Perry Podcast, Marina explores what it means to step into alignment through shifting identities, as well as the embodiment of self-love with her guest, 

Jen Hamilton. Jen, a human potential coach, joins Marina to discuss the topics of self-love, identity, and tips for recognizing as well as moving through negative limiting beliefs.  


As a human potential coach, Jen is trained in several various therapeutic modalities such as clinical hypnotherapy, strategic psychotherapy, NLP, theta healing, and holographics (just to name a few), where the goal is to take the power of the mind and use different mindsets to bring one to living a more incredible life. Jen works with clients so they can work toward understanding and expressing their truth by breaking through their mental roadblocks in life. 


Who can benefit from this type of therapy? Jen says her ideal client is one who understands they are experiencing some kind of block, and that they want to explore moving through it. She also says that a great client is one who wants to play with the more “woo-woo,” or spiritual, field of life. Ultimately, this type of therapy is to help people move through any self-induced blocks that hold them from speaking and living their truth. She wants people to see life from a different perspective, and then live a life from a different perspective, as well, and this can be achieved by shifting one’s mindset. 


Jen shares her personal story about how she became interested in helping people in this field.

Before she was a trained coach, Jen said she was in a place in her life where she was experiencing a severe lack in self-love with herself, and she discovered that she needed to do some work on her own mindset, acknowledge her negative limiting beliefs, and allow herself to embark on a journey of finding her self-love.


What is a limiting belief? A limiting belief is a conclusion based on an assumption. An assumption is made up of the facts of the situation at-hand, past experiences, DNA coding, and family systems of beliefs, and that these factors mould together to form the invisible boundaries that constrict our experience of life. But how do we come to this awareness that we are experiencing a limiting belief? Sometimes, we can’t see that we have a negative belief or internal negative language pattern, however, we can see that we are not reaching our desired goal or outcome. We may feel that we keep hitting a wall before we can reach our goals. Once someone realizes this feeling of hitting a wall, then they can begin to work on breaking down the mental boundary that is keeping them from reaching their goal.


Marina and Jen then discuss some red flags or signs that someone may need to do some self love. For example, a lack of nourishment in food or water, or decreased self-care in hygiene and appearance may be big signs that someone is experiencing a limiting belief of some kind. 


How can people move past the pushback of allowing yourself to self-love? Jen admits that there are extremes of the self-love spectrum, but it’s up to the individual to find where it feels good for them to dance somewhere in between the two polarizing ends of loving the self. Self-love may look different to each individual, but it is important to recognize—and do—what nourishes you, even if it’s wearing your favorite tracksuit or just washing your hair. Jen says that a common mistake she sees with clients is that people do not see themself as worthy of change or good things. She adds that the first step to overcoming this mindset is to tune in to tune in with the self and those feelings of desire for change. 


Marina and Jen finish out the podcast with some rapid-fire final tips for those who are struggling with living their truth. Marina summarizes this for listeners as: When we are in alignment with truth, we feel that things flow better and we don’t have the feeling of being stuck. Also, if we can let go of the idea of needing to be for everyone then we can show up fully for those who are ready to receive us.


Things You Will Learn


  1. What a Human Potential coach is and what one could do for you
  2. What a limiting belief is, how to spot them, and how to approach overcoming them

  3. How to spot red flags that you need some self-love

  4. Moving past the pushback of self-love and change

  5. What to do if you’re not speaking your truth 

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