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Jul 20, 2020

On today’s episode of The Marina Perry Podcast, Marina talks about the role conditioning plays in our lives. She explains the three ways people come to be conditioned and how our conditioning largely stems from our desire for rightness and belonging. She then stresses that only by recognizing our conditioning can we begin to create change in our lives.


In order to create change and step into stronger self-sovereignty, Marina encourages practicing open-mindedness. Open-mindedness requires a person to step away from their safety net and certainty and to instead explore the unknown. By doing so, we can begin seeing the world from new perspectives. This practice helps us to resist becoming stuck in our identities, opinions, and at the mercy of the media we consume and instead allows us to continue to remain open to change, growth, and the truth inside of us.


By exploring the power open-mindedness can have upon conditioning, Marina demonstrates how opening oneself up to new perspectives and voices can become a tool for helping us to better recognize injustice and inequality in the world. She explains that it is only when we remain open to change and encourage the expansion of our consciousness that humanity itself can begin to change for the better. 


What You’ll Learn in This Podcast Episode:

  1. A definition for what conditioning means and the three ways we are conditioned in our lives
  2. How conditioning connects to our need for belonging
  3. Ways to practice open-mindedness
  4. Suggestions for reconceiving the ways we absorb media
  5. How staying open in our beliefs and fostering discernment can create stronger attunement to the sovereign soul

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