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Jul 13, 2020

On this episode of the Marina Perry Podcast, Marina interviews Kira Love, a nutrition coach, empowerment coach, fitness professional, and contestant of television show, Master Chef. On today’s episode, Marina and Kira tackle the topics of what to do when life throws us curve balls and discuss how to navigate these situations with grace. They also discuss how to empower our children, families, and ourselves to make better, healthier choices every day. 


To kick off the podcast, Kira shares the top mistakes she has observed many people make when embarking on their journey to a healthier self. As a mother, Kira is passionate about educating children about food and nutrition as well as helping adults break their attachments to some of their unhealthy eating habits, too. She is also extremely passionate about teaching others how to implement change in their life with ease, grace, and flow to move toward living a life with more passion and purpose. 


Marina and Kira also discuss breaking attachments to labels, especially with children, around food and eating. For example, Marina says, labeling a child as a “fussy eater.” Patience and persistence, Kira suggests, are most important to those who have to juggle many roles within the household. It may take ten to twenty attempts with a new taste or texture before our bodies (or our childrens’ bodies) start to understand the new food sensation we are encountering. Kira also assures the listeners that we can still have good memories centered around food—it should just be whole, healthy foods on the table.  


Marina and Kira transition to the topic of navigating divorce as a single mother with children, in addition to other big transitions a single mother may encounter in her life during or after a divorce. Kira shares her own experience with her recent divorce and how she reclaimed her power and value as a woman through extensive coaching during this time in her life. Marina then digs deep into the concept of the nuclear family and the label of the “broken family” after divorce and asks Kira to share her advice on coming to terms with the reality of this new perception of the family unit after divorce. 


Kira wants listeners to know that there can also be blessings and gifts through this challenging time, as well. She feels that she had an awakening that led her to feeling overall more powerful now, and she feels that she has also been gifted the ability to let go of lingering negative thoughts and feelings that manifested during this time in her life. Kira feels that she gained the power to trust herself completely, and thus feels more centered in life as well. 


Marina and Kira end the podcast on the question of dating after divorce: How do you start “getting out there?” Kira suggests doing research, especially after long relationships, on how the dating world has changed, and she implores women to know their boundaries and what they want in a partner before jumping back into dating. Kira also recommends a few tips for women on empowerment, finding your gift, and finding your channel to share your gift with others. She leaves listeners with some final tips on life after divorce for single mothers, and she shares some words of wisdom that she has also adopted as part of her own vision statement for not only her work with clients, but also for becoming a  more empowered self. 


Things You Will Learn

  1. Kira Love’s top tips for a healthier lifestyle
  2. How to break attachments to labels about eating habits
  3. Navigating divorce with ease, grace, and flow
  4. Advice for dating after divorce 
  5. Kira Love’s vision statement and final tips for a healthier self 


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