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Jun 22, 2020

This episode of the Marina Perry Podcast is all about feedback. Feedback, Marina explains, is asking the world and the people in your world to act as a mirror for you and what they hear, see, and experience. It can be beneficial to ask for feedback from others to see how they perceive you so you can compare this to your own internal perception of yourself to adjust where necessary. Feedback can wake us up from the illusion of our own delusions, as we objectively look at how others perceive us. Although everyone’s experience is not necessarily “the truth,” it can be beneficial to see their experience of truth. The world may experience us in ways that we do not perceive ourselves, and this is why it is important to ask for feedback from others.


We are conditioned to look for feedback, and in particular, positive feedback. However, Marina reminds us that we shouldn’t fear receiving feedback. Marina shares exercises with her listeners to ask for feedback as well as how to deliver it, too. Sometimes we let parts of ourselves lay dormant, and this is when Marina suggests that we should ask others to act as our mirror to help re-open us up to these parts of ourselves. 


Feedback is a gift, and may even uncover new parts of ourselves, but we have to be open to receive this genuine feedback from others. Marina challenges us to listen with open ears, rather than becoming defensive when receiving feedback. She wants us to ask questions to those we trust such as, “How can I serve you better?” Questions like this can be a gateway, Marina says, to growing and changing in magical ways. 


Things You Will Learn

  1. Feedback: What it is and how it can benefit us and others
  2. Feedback Exercises: How to ask for and receive feedback
  3. Feedback as a Gift: What it can offer us and others


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