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May 11, 2020

In this episode, Marina continues her electric interview with healer and writer, Inna Segal. Marina and Inna continue their discussion about how to explore and develop our inner strength to further enrich one’s life. Marina then turns the podcast over to Inna to describe for us how her healing gifts and powers appear to her in the moment, and what the day-to-day experience entails for Inna—is it a “switch” that she can just “turn off?” 


What is the “etheric body,” and what does it mean to Marina and Inna? To Inna, there’s a difference between seeing aura and seeing one’s etheric body, and one must train themself to discern between the two, and go deeper to see the etheric body. She then jumps into a conversation about her research and writing process when writing her book, The Secret Language of Your Body, and ties back her research on self-healing at home to the feedback she received from health medical professionals after sending them her book for review.  


Marina then asks Inna’s advice for people who want to stay strong in their body, their soul, and their health during this COVID-19 crisis. Inna suggests that we should be conscious of how fear affects our daily thoughts and seep into our unconscious, and possibly our body, as well. Fear is a powerful emotion that can weaken our body and soul, so we should strive to find time to develop a practice (with ourself, our partners, etc.) to recenter ourself with our body, mind, and soul. Inna says that this is the best time to open your heart to learning and to yourself.


Marina wraps up the podcast with some rapid-fire questions for Inna about her sense of self, her personal healing journey, and some final tips on self-exploration and opening ourselves up to change in our patterns for the long game. 


Things You Will Learn

  1. One Life or Multiple Lives
  2. Inna’s Gifts and The Etheric Body
  3. Inna’s Research Process and Validation from the Medical Community
  4. How to Stay Strong During the Pandemic


External Links

Inna Segal’s website:


Inna’s book, The Secret Language of Your Body, available on Amazon:

Inna’s Most Impactful Books and Authors:
1. Rudolf Steriner:

2. The Twelve Stages of Healing, by Nathaniel Altman and Donald M. Epstein D.C:

3. Mystical Healing Reading Cards:

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