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Apr 13, 2020

On this episode of The Marina Perry Podcast, Marina discusses the difference between playing the short game and playing the long game. She defines the long game as the intentional actions people take towards a vision for the future while the short game refers to the actions taken in the present to achieve instant gratification. She explains that those who play the long game possess the ability for long-term focus and tend to achieve more success in life. Because of this, in this episode Marina offers listeners advice for how to stop self-sabotaging, how to establish a long game, and how to get more out of your journey towards achieving your goals. 

Long games can be applied towards all aspects of life, whether that be regarding nutrition, relationships, career, etc., and they can often lead to greater progress and mastery. While it’s okay to play the short game every once in a while, it is crucial that the short game does not disrupt the long game. To prevent this from happening, Marina explains 3 reasons people use the short game to sabotage their long game so as to make listeners more aware and reflective concerning these behaviors. They include:

  1. The ruse of self-love, which creates a desire to nurture in the now 
  2. The ruse of living presently, which detracts from achieving fuller experiences 
  3. The ruse of hiding in our survival code, which keeps us from believing in our ability to succeed

In addition to drawing awareness to these 3 behaviors, Marina also provides listeners tips and strategies for establishing their own long game. This begins with first deciding and then declaring one’s long game, getting intentional and being disciplined, and prioritizing and compartmentalizing each step to make them more manageable. Marina further expresses the importance of faith and play when it comes to staying on track for one’s long game. While there may be challenges along this path, aligning one’s short game and long game can lead to a feeling of mastery within life that ultimately is the experience of self-sovereignty. 

What You’ll Learn in This Podcast Episode:

  1. The differences between playing the long game and playing the short game
  2. How people self-sabotage their long game and thus future success
  3. The difference between instant gratification and self love
  4. The importance of play and pleasure when it comes to the long game
  5. Tips for how to start the long game and find success through it 

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