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Jun 13, 2023

This week on the Marina Perry Podcast, EJ Love returns to the podcast to discuss healing from heartbreak and betrayal. EJ is a trauma-informed, conscious sexuality, and thought leader, specialising in transparent and authentic conversations. 


EJ has recently experienced heartbreak. When these things happen, the journey we end up on is facing a lot of our own shadows and darkness, and having to feel the grief and loss of a relationship. There's always two sides to every story, and EJ is someone who likes to come with as much curiosity, compassion, and responsibility as possible. 


There's a lot of people who say, “well, I didn't lie.” But not telling a truth is withholding authentic communication and sometimes it's more painful. Many people relate conflict to death, so if they go into conflict, they might die. There's a fear of loss of respect, especially if the person they're conflicting with is related to them being productive or gaining resources. 


Many women have had the story told that their beauty, attractiveness, and beliefs are there for a man's pleasure. Yet, in EJ’s experience, personally and professionally talking to men, they really love boundaries, feedback, and information because it gives them confidence. Being able to consciously explore sexuality after her uncoupling has been uplifting for EJ in her own journey. It helps to understand that no one else needs to love or see her partner in his wholeness other than her. 


Learn all this and more on this episode of the Marina Perry Podcast!


What You Will Learn:


  1. Background on EJ Love and her work in conscious sexuality and thought leadership

  2. Her story around betrayal and uncoupling in her recent relationship

  3. What conscious sexuality is and how it can help us heal from heartbreak