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Sep 12, 2022

This week on the Marina Perry Podcast, Marina is joined by Teila-Anne Butler to discuss aligning your brand from the beginning to reach success. She’s a digital marketing guru and has years of experience helping brands define themselves and stand out online. Teila got into marketing on accident by following a skillset, and naturally grew through sharing her knowledge. 


Aligned branding means keeping true to you, and it’s important from the beginning because of the sheer amount of noise present in every industry. When you’re showing up as who you genuinely are, the right people will find you. That saves you time and energy in marketing because your fans and the people who love you and your services will do a large part of your marketing for you. It also keeps you from having to rebrand later on because you’re staying to what’s natural to you, and it will feel like less work. 


The number one mistake people make on social media is putting pressure on themselves to create. It’s the perception that every piece of content has to be intentional, and they stop having fun with it. This comes out specifically with people with personal brands, who have a hard time separating themselves from their online persona. 


Knowing your target audience will help you streamline your alignment. Showing up for people comes down to the kind of language you’re using about your business, images you’re sharing, and the way you’re speaking to people. The moment you have that person in mind as you do these things, you’ll naturally change the way you’re showing up for them. Your brand vision is long-term, whereas your mission works shorter term and allows you to target specific goals and customers. Figuring out where you want to start showing up is the first step to aligning your personas with your vision and mission. Listen now and learn all this and more from Teila-Anne!

What You Will Learn:


  1. Background on Teila and what she does in social media. 
  2. Why alignment in your brand is key to running a successful business.
  3. Actionable steps listeners can do to level up their brand.