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Jan 31, 2023

This week on the Marina Perry Podcast, Marina is joined by her client, Carol to discuss her experience with Dream Builder. Dream Builder is not just about learning new things, but also learning about yourself through experience and self-discovery. The goal of Dream Builder is to reach to your higher self and build your dream life.


Carol is originally from Ireland, and is a graphic designer, editor, and mother. She did dream builder in 2016 when she was feeling a bit lost in life. She wanted to find direction and purpose, but wasn’t sure where to go. If you feel stuck, change is what your system is calling for, so Carol signed up for Dream Builder. She had no idea what she was signing up for, she was new to Australia, and had a gut feeling that this was what she needed to do.


Dream Builder is a fast-track degree in yourself. Learning how we personally do things, and how our minds work differently in the same situations. The program is very layered, designed to help you take accountability for your stuff and put you back in your power. It also helps us to step into compassion and change ourselves for the better.



What You Will Learn:


  1. An inside look into the program, Dream Builder.
  2. Carol’s story on building her dream life. 
  3. How you can build your dream life through Dream Builder.