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Mar 2, 2020

In this episode, Marina Perry focuses on the concept of Whole Womanhood, sharing what it means to be a whole woman, why this is important, the ways in which women become “not-whole,” and her personal tool for taking on the journey to Whole Womanhood in a playful and fun way. 


Marina begins by clarifying that everyone is already whole, everyone possessing a pure and limitless lifeforce. People block parts of this lifeforce, however, preventing them from stepping into their wholeness and embracing it. This is because people often compromise their wholeness and edit themselves, abandoning or leaving dormant those parts of themselves that may have been denied or suppressed in the past for purposes of survival or from the words of those we are relationally dependent upon. The journey to wholeness, therefore, is about the undoing and revealing required in order for a woman to stand “unapologetically true in the beingness of her.” It begins with becoming aware of the parts of us we need to resuscitate and reclaim.


Marina then shares with listeners her Gypsy-Goddess-Queen archetype, which she uses as a tool to bring back into play those pieces of ourselves we don’t allow. She breaks down each role as:

  1. The Gypsy: One’s inner child; the parts of us filled with curiosity and courage
  2. The Goddess: The nurturer and pleasure center of the soul; the part inside of us that loves to love
  3. The Queen: The leader and protector inside of us; the arrowhead for our life’s purpose

She then explains how each of these pieces of ourselves either come into expression or fall into shadow, encouraging listeners to reflect upon which parts of themselves they embrace and which may be lying dormant. 


Marina ends by recognizing that reclaiming one’s wholeness can be terrifying, but by doing so, we become an example and “loving permission slip” for others to follow our lead. She encourages listeners to share what they’ve learned with at least one other woman in their life so that this journey can be undertaken together, and as always, she welcomes any questions or conversations from listeners through direct message or social media. 


What You’ll Learn in This Podcast Episode: 

  1. What it means to possess whole womanhood
  2. How people’s wholeness becomes blocked 
  3. Ways to begin stepping into wholeness and reclaiming parts of the self
  4. What the Gypsy-Goddess-Queen archetype is and how it serves as a tool for wholeness
  5. How women express (or shadow) their inner Gypsy, Goddess, and Queen 


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