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Aug 9, 2021

It's really important to build a business as a soul expression and not as something we need to fill a void. Everything we want from a physical perspective is only from a feeling that it gives us. Yet when we're merely obtaining that thing, we realize that feeling is not permanent. As human beings, we're here to experience emotions, and if we numb ourselves from pain, we are also numbing ourselves to pleasure. 


We all have this facade of a person we think we need to be, but once we crack the facade, can we experience life and come to our natural state. To unravel that facade, we need to be willing to see the parts of ourselves that we're judging. Personal development, however, can overcomplicate the process. Thus, bringing those teachings back to absolute basics and feel everything in each moment. 


We see this movement in modern society against the patriarchy and a rejection of all things masculine. But the truth is masculine and feminine energies are both beneficial energies in their own way. By balancing both in a way that allows them to work together will help you reach the success that you otherwise wouldn't be able to reach. Everything around us and the world we create for ourselves mirrors what we need to heal. The triggers are the gateway to healing, and the answer isn't in fixing the issue once triggered. But rather, it's about understanding what caused the reaction so we can choose to respond differently in the future. 


The key to that growth is to feel everything before you react and to stop looking outside ourselves for something found within. It's about going within, coming home to yourself, and doing the actions rather than talking the talk. Even as you get better and better at growth work, it doesn't mean there's not that pull in before the expansion. It's that you get better and better, and it flows much more easily. When we have the willingness to express our uniqueness in totality, there is freedom. Then it's just a matter of trusting and surrendering to the process.


What You Will Learn:

  1. How feeling everything can positively influence our decision making 
  2. How balancing our masculine and feminine energies can help us more effectively reach our goals
  3. The key to growth through feeling and expansion