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Jun 28, 2021

Joining Marina this week is Human Design expert and human embodiment coach Jasmine Smith. Human Design is about understanding why some things just aren't meant for us and how we can play more into our unique gifts. Jasmine comes from an Egyptian family and can trace her DNA back to Ancient Egyptian.


Human Design takes place and time of your birth and turns it into a static personality-type chart you can use to better know yourself. It draws from several ancient systems, including Hindi Chakra and Astrology, to show a person's energetic blueprint of who you're meant to be. Knowing your chart can give you a sense of owning your own strong suits and gives you permission to be yourself. 


Types of personalities are generators, manifesting generators, projectors, manifesters, and reflectors. However, there are thousands of different variants that can present depending on an individual's chart. Knowing which type you fall into can enlighten you to how you are designed to perform at your best. Undefined Solar Plexus shows us how we feel emotions, how we experience other people's emotions, and how we process emotion as a whole. Not processing feelings is causing a lot of sickness in the world, so knowing your Solar Plexus can help you better deal with uncomfortable emotions and set boundaries.


The head center and root center are both pressure centers. The head represents mental pressure, such as doubt or inspiration, and the more defined the head center is, the more black-and-white the person will interpret the world around them. Having someone else's chart can give you insight into how and why they do things differently than you. The root is the pressure to do and a motor. Someone with a defined root drives to constantly, while an undefined root is prone to be overwhelmed. It's how we communicate and deal with stress and shouldn't be the only drive we have for moving forward. The heart center is the will and motivation within us. 


What works for some people doesn't work for everyone, which is why we can't adopt other people's "life hacks" and insert them into our lives with the same results. It's because our systems aren't designed that way. There's no cookie-cutter approach. Human design work is best for those who have done some self-work and self-reflection but still feel that something is missing. It can help gain more clarity into who you are as a base person and why you do the things you do. 


It also gives you the chance to work against your unconscious patterns for self-advancement. All the answers you're looking for outside of yourself live within you. Spend more time with yourself and look at yourself and your body as a whole.