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Jun 21, 2021

In today's society, we tend to use the word "procrastination" as a synonym for laziness, distraction, and lack of focus. Instead, Marina encourages listeners to look at procrastination as a curiosity compass. Expanding on why you're procrastinating allows you to reflect on whether what you're avoiding is something you even want to do. You will often find that you're avoiding a shift in your life you're viewing as undesirable. 


Sometimes we procrastinate something because we're afraid of what will come on the other side of it. Even in terms of leveling up in life or career, we might not be sure of the increased commitment or unseen consequences. Other times, it can stem from a fear of failure and feeling like it will prove you're not good to accomplish whatever it is you're trying to.


Procrastination is a wonderful tool to point to deeper issues. If we look at these issues from an angle of curiosity, we're going to shift our world and transform ourselves. Through growth work, we can open ourselves to so many experiences we would have otherwise denied ourselves. By looking inward, you might even find you don't even want to do whatever it is you're avoiding in the first place because it's no longer aligned with our deeper selves. 


If that's the case, you can let go of it and delegate it to someone else. That can give you the freedom from the obligation of doing something you don't like doing. We have to ask ourselves why we even want the thing we think we should be doing? Is it because I actually want it or because I think I should want it? Marina encourages listeners to get curious and unpack it.


What You Will Learn:

  1. How procrastination can act as a compass to show us what we really want.
  2. What deeper issues can be the cause of our procrastination
  3. How to unpack our thoughts and feelings around an activity to see if it's worth doing