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Jun 14, 2021

Abergale Bremner, aka ‘The Limitless Woman’ initiates women to reclaim their power and pleasure through artistic expression. She’s helped thousands of individuals through somatics and breathwork, and believes that everybody has a soulmate available to them. Abergale’s spirit is best represented, according to her, as a black panther. The feline qualities and movements define her. 


Abergale has gone down her fair share of paths to realize who she wasn’t. But, that allowed her to catapult herself into who she truly is. From music, to theater, to art, and the plethora of other things she was involved with, there was always a pressure to focus on a single thing and become successful in it. That led her to Australia 11 years ago, during a time where she wasn’t connected to her worth, which attracted negative people into her life. When she got there, she had to process and alchemize past feelings. Since then, growth has been exponential and abundant.  


There has always been a sense of ‘there must be something more’ in Abergale’s transformation. She took a stand for her truth by stepping into the person she is meant to be, but it took guts. She has a sense of curiosity. There is an inner child who dreams up her own reality. Investing energy into imagination has paid off in a big way. It’s kept her opening doors and going further down the maze of life without fear of the dead-ends she might face. 


For Abergale, one of the biggest tools she uses and teaches is breathwork, as breath is the bridge to the body. There are practices that bring you so far into your body that you are able to feel and celebrate emotions from the past. Suppressing emotions can lead to disease and result in negative health problems. Clearing those blockages through breathwork gives you your freedom back. 


Abergale believes that we are all shamanic. She means we are all connected to the earth in many different ways. Some are sensitive to their environment and feel vibrations and auras etc. Some are visual, kinesthetic, or otherwise that triggers an image in your third eye. Especially women, historically, are connected and bound to the earth in a spiritual way. At some point, many of us shut down that feeling. It’s not everyone’s journey to reawaken that, but it is for some. Doing so takes work on getting out away from your current environment and spending time in nature with other’s with a similar experience. 


Abergale feels that we are built to find a soulmate. In her belief, we are all connected in different ways to God, and that our souls are split in different parts when we are incarnated on this planet. Those parts can be masculine/femine, masucline/masculine, feminie/mascule, etc. In a relationship, when those dynamics are in harmony it is a beautiful and limitless thing. The journey is finding the other half of your soul. It’s a return to self.


Misunderstandings happen, feeling wounded happens. Abergale and her partner work through these conflicts differently every time. Either they will have a timeout and transmute those feelings apart, reflecting on the emotions that are triggered. Then, they can come back together with more clarity and space to love. Often then, they’ll make love, because it’s not about who is right, it’s about balancing the healthy masculine and fememine energies. 


There’s a misunderstanding that when you become vulnerable by sharing your truth with someone, you’re forcing them to run away. When in reality, it brings two people much closer together. Communicating that truth and allowing it to open a conversation is incredibly useful. 


For those who feel numb in their bodies and have moved away from pleasure, Abergale empathizes. It isn’t uncommon. She believes that what creates the most pain is not allowing your life-force in. As a woman, that is one of our superpowers. Take it slow. Connect to your body. 


What you’ll learn:


In this episode, you’ll gain insight into somatics and breath work, as well as sacred sexuality and sex magic. Abergale and Marina dive into topics and practices that can empower you as a woman and help you reconnect with your physical body and your spiritual self. 



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