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Jun 7, 2021

This week’s show is very reflective, so if you’re looking for a fast-paced episode with many key takeaways, Marina lets listeners know upfront that this might not be the episode for them. She wants to have this conversation with her tribe, who knows Pure Health Club and wants to know what is going on with Marina personally. Marina decided to let Pure, her health club of 20 years, go earlier this year and transfer ownership for new listeners.


When Marina needs to reactivate her energy, she has a tendency to turn inward for clarity. That is the inspiration behind doing this show solo. Many listers have been with Marina for a very long time, and this year has been quite the plot twist. Pure is an innovative mind-body wellness facility that started in 2001 that offers a wide range of wellness classes. She built it from the ground up and has a lot of love for her first baby. However, sometimes we continue to do something for the sake of that original love that continues, ignoring that life often changes around us. 


Ten years or so ago, Marina began moving into personal development and inner work as opposed to nutrition and physical wellness. This created a huge shift in her life that she realized needed to realign. As Pure developed to stand on its own, she found herself with a great team and less hands-on work, allowing her to travel and be the eternal student she is. As time goes on and staff turns over, brands inevitably evolve from their original forms. It took the Covid-19 pandemic of last year for Marina to refocus her power for change. They took Pure online in a matter of weeks, and when they reopened their doors earlier this year, she expected the brand to go back to normal. 


However, that’s not what happened. Marina realized she would have to go back 10-15 years and rebuild. She was forced to rethink whether or not this aligned with where she is in life, and her soul was very resistant to this idea. Marina realized that Pure deserved better than a reluctant leader unaligned with its needs, but one lit up with how it is now. Because Marina loves this brand so much, she knew she needed to let it go so it could reach its highest. 


She got really honest with herself and asked herself, “if this went how I wanted it to go, what would it look like?” And she realized she wanted to be free of that obligation, but in a way where that brand she built and loves so much would be taken care of. Marina touches on how not all decisions are certain, and we have many conflicting codes within us. We need to listen to ourselves and constantly review and revise those codes. Otherwise, we risk putting our trust in systems we have because we’ve always had them and not because they align with our current selves. 


Getting her unlikely, best-case scenario outcome didn’t keep Marina from experiencing the stages of grief either. Realigning yourself can be incredibly uncomfortable, but that doesn’t mean it’s the wrong path. This was all happening while her daughter was having health issues, so all-in-all, 2020 was a very transformative year for Marina. Your health is your wealth, and prioritizing appropriately can put other things in life into perspective. 


What You Will Learn:

  1. Why Marina decided to let Pure, her health club of 20 years, go earlier this year and how that transfer of ownership plays into alignment.
  2. What actively aligning really means in this life and how painful yet pleasurable it can be.
  3. How procrastination and confusion can play into living in alignment and your personal truth.