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Feb 22, 2021

On today’s episode, I’m joined by Bobby F. Parihar, an entrepreneur, numerologist, and spiritual guide who has dedicated his life to helping others tap into their truest self and go after the life they deserve. Together, Bobby and I talk about what numerology is, how it works, and how it could benefit and influence you and how you show up in the world. 


Bobby begins our conversation today by explaining how he got started in numerology and began growing through it. He shares with listeners the failures and struggles he had with work, relationships, and personal choices and how it wasn’t until he turned to numerology that he began to turn his life around and find success. For this reason, Bobby refers to numerology as a technology that operates through frequency, consistency, and replication, explaining that it can offer people a language through which to find their power. Like a science, numerology can help people to navigate through time through the vibration of math; however, Bobby also stresses the practice’s spiritual weight and how numerology echoes throughout the scriptures of many different religious texts, revealing many of the same parallels. 


After introducing the ways numerology has worked within his own life, Bobby then goes on to explain why others may turn to numerology and how it can help them better understand their own sacred life map. It can be used for interpreting different personality types or can reveal the frequency with which one might encounter wealth, pain, love, etc. Numerology is largely about bringing out one’s power and helping them to decide what story to create, and Bobby’s role as a numerologist is helping that person to feel seen, known, and supported. He may also help people identify a better spelling of their name, or for other entrepreneurs, he can help with branding names or reading the meaning of certain addresses. Because a name is an identity, he stresses the importance of intentionality when it comes to the naming of the self, of one’s brand, or even one’s children. 


Finally, to end our conversation today, Bobby shares with listeners how as an entrepreneur he learned how to become comfortable charging for his services and recognizing their worth. He also reminds listeners that because there are always peaks and valleys in life, even during difficulties, it’s important to remember to stay grateful and feel blessed. To learn more about Bobby’s work, his top tips for elevating energy, empowerment and expression in your life, or about his current self-growth journey, be sure to listen in to today’s episode! 


What You’ll Learn in This Podcast Episode:

  1. What numerology is and how it could influence you and how you show up in life
  2. Where numerology comes from
  3. How numerology operates like a technology or science
  4. Why language and words hold so much power


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