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Feb 8, 2021

On this episode of The Marina Perry Podcast, Marina welcomes Trav Bell, the world’s number one expert on bucket lists. Together, Marina and Trav discuss why bucket lists are important, especially in the midst of Covid-19, and the best way to begin creating your own.


Trav begins their discussion today by explaining his path towards becoming “the bucket list guy,” and how it started with his own personal development journey. Bucket lists, he explains, are about intentional living. By writing down what you want to do in life, you become a step closer to manifesting these desires. Because of this, Trav explains why simply taking the time to write your goals down on paper is the best way to begin unlocking your potential. 


Together, Marina and Trav talk about the ways people can seem to become trapped in life due to fear of failure, fear of success, and ultimately fear of change, which can lead to a downward spiral. Trav, however, encourages listeners to start living their lives by design rather than by default and to take the time now to begin using the bucket list model in order to create a tangible, fulfilling life plan. In order to do so, Trav breaks down for listeners his 12-Step Bucket List Blueprint, encouraging them to start by achieving the small things on their list so as to build momentum through instant gratification. 


In addition to providing tips for how to begin your own bucket list, Trav shares with listeners how such plans have helped him and others lead more successful and engaging lives. Because the bucket list model is based on positive psychology, it is especially suited for those who may be feeling depressed, lonely, or stuck because it can help to create an achievable path towards meaning, purpose, and fulfillment. Trav also offers strategies to those who may hate their jobs but need to continue paying their bills, providing actionable steps one can take to begin escaping the safety of the mundane.


To hear more of Trav’s advice on how to best begin taking ownership over your own life, be sure to listen in to today’s episode! 


What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode:

  1. Why bucket lists are important and how to create them
  2. Trav’s 12-Step Bucket List Blueprint
  3. Advice for how to begin escaping a job you hate
  4. Tips for how to inspire yourself into action 
  5. How bucket lists continue to be important, even during the Covid-19 pandemic


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