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Dec 14, 2020

On this episode of the Marina Perry Podcast, Marina has a conversation with Caitlin Eichperger about body confidence, comparison-itis, and how to better approach your inner critic. Caitlin is a life coach who specializes in helping clients with perceptions of self-image, body positivity, and body confidence and acceptance. 


Body image is one’s own perception of their body through the filters or lenses of both societal beauty standards and the conditioning one experiences within their own culture or family system. Body image and acceptance affects anyone and everyone who has a body, and Caitlin reminds listeners that any person can have insecurities about their body regardless of how one may look. Body positivity and body confidence is not exclusive to any body type or shape, so showing acceptance 


Comparison is a form of judgement we use to discern between options, however, comparison and judgement become ineffective and do not serve us whenever we use them to put ourselves down while we lift others and their qualities. Instead, Caitlin suggests that we celebrate the differences rather than use any of these to negate the qualities or characteristics that we notice within ourselves. Wasting time wanting to be someone or something else is also a waste of your lifeforce when this time could be used accepting and celebrating yourself instead of internally fighting any unchangeable things about you. 


Together, Marina and Caitlin break down what it means to be body confident, explain self and body acceptance, and discuss tips for reconnecting and reframing the thoughts and behaviors that don’t continue to serve us anymore.    


Things You Will Learn

On this episode, you will learn the differences between body image, body positivity, and body confidence, as well as ways in which you can start to approach your inner critic in a way that better serves you. 


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