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Nov 16, 2020

On this episode of the Marina Perry Podcast, Marina interviews Abbey Rose, a psychic, energy healer, and accountant to discuss the intersection between accounting and spirituality, money as energy, taxes, and financial self-sovereignty. As founder of the most significant Conscious Accounting Body in Australia, Abbey has combined her two seemingly disparate fields of accounting and spirituality to help grow her own business as well as the businesses of her clients, too. Although she stepped away from the accounting industry, bookkeeping business, and firm, Abbey used this time to focus on her spiritual healing journey, which resulted in the founding of the Spiritual Accountant (2019) and becoming the CEO of the Awakened Accountants (2020).


Abbey always felt like she was a little bit different than her fellow coworkers; she felt that she couldn’t be confined to the cubicle and that she wanted to be on the road, face-to-face with clients, so she felt that she needed to get out of her professional rut. After leaving the industry, she embarked on a personal journey of honing her talents in healing and spirituality when she found that the two worlds of accounting and consciousness truly exist and belong together.  


How do we own our truth? Abbey admits that, in a way, she had to relearn how to live and who she was. But after she did, Abbey found spirit speaking to her, and after trusting a deep gut feeling, found that she could read other people’s energies, as well. As an awakened accountant herself, Abbey helps create, manage, and protect other people’s money in addition to coming up with creative ways to make and save money, too. 

Marina and Abbey round out the podcast with some final tips for listeners on financial advice and altering behaviors to promote a positive cash flow as well as a positive relationship with money. 


Things You Will Learn

You will learn about the intersection between accounting and spirituality, relearning self-worth, money as energy, taxes, and financial self-sovereignty.  


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