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Nov 2, 2020

Yildiz Sethi joins Marina this week on the Marina Perry Podcast to discuss the link between mental and emotional blocks, how these blocks can get in the way of living one’s most authentic life, and how one can quickly do something to address them. Although Yildiz has a background schoolteaching for 15 years in the subjects of physics and chemistry, she now holds a private clinic in Lisbon, Australia for sexual abuse recovery where she practices as an innovator and founder of psychotherapy as well as Family Constellation practitioning and training. Yildiz draws on her diverse knowledge and experience in creating unique approaches as a Brief Therapist over twenty years of private practice in relationships (families and couples), mental health, and trauma recovery.


Yildiz also comes from a background of studying Vedic astrology, so she is particularly fascinated by spiritual science and consciousness. Her main interest is assisting herself and others to find peace and clarity in their lives. As a Director of Family Constellations P/L and innovative practitioner of New Dawn Recovery From Sexual Abuse, Yildiz offers short term treatment for trauma of sexual abuse and PTSD. Additionally, she also offers practitioner training in Systemic Family Constellations, Emotional Mind Integration, Rapid Core Healing, Recovery From Sexual Abuse and Family Constellations workshops for the public.


As the creator of Emotional Mind Integration and Rapid Core Healing, Yildiz explores many therapeutic styles which are also presented in her book titled, Rapid Core Healing. She sourced and developed modalities that are deeply foundational in the way in which they address the core dynamics of what is required for human wellness, and these carefully curated modalities are appropriate for the treatment of a diverse range of mind and relationship issues. 


Yildiz’s innovative and unique practices bring her closer to achieving her ultimate goal to help unblock systemic, generational hurdles for growth and fulfilment in order to enhance personal growth, relationships and success in others. 

Things You Will Learn

You will learn about Yildiz’ backgrounds in teaching science, Vedic astrology, and trauma counseling. Listeners will also receive an in-depth lesson on astrology, family constellations, and tapping into the external forces that guide our recurring life patterns. 


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Yildiz is the author of three books. Check them out here.


EMI  Family Constellations  Rapid Core Healing   Recovery From Sexual Abuse

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