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Sep 21, 2020

On this solo episode of the Marina Perry Podcast, Marina explores the top five mistakes new entrepreneurs often make while starting their brand or business careers. Making mistakes is a natural process for any new entrepreneur, however, Marina will discuss five ways in which you can avoid her top five examples of commonly-shared growing pains many new business professionals encounter during their startup. 


Marina often sees many budding entrepreneurs getting caught up on simply not starting their new business or brand idea. Many starting entrepreneurs make business plan after business plan to procrastinate actually starting their business because they are too busy studying all the ways they can get hurt, instead, rather than just going for it. 


She also sees new business startups often folding to perfectionism since budding entrepreneurs may also tend to sell themselves short (for many reasons.) However, Marina reminds listeners that something is better done and perhaps not complete rather something that is never attempted in the first place. 


Marina also stresses that you do not have to do absolutely everything when creating a new business and that if you do, you will experience burnout from working too hard too often. The right team will help you elevate and explode your brand or business. Play to your strengths within your own business and delegate tasks that you may consider some of your weaker areas. You can even outsource tasks, too, if they are not within your area of expertise.


Lastly, Marina encourages new entrepreneurs to embrace sales and marketing. As an entrepreneur, you will need to sell if you want to serve. In other words, you will need to believe in your products and advocate for them when making connections with future clients and potential team members. Lean into sales and marketing in addition to selling your unique brand, too, and you will undoubtedly succeed more within your field of business.   

Things You Will Learn

You will learn the top five mistakes entrepreneurs often make when launching their new brand or business, as observed by Marina. 

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