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Jan 20, 2020

On this episode of the Marina Perry Podcast, Marina introduces the idea of self-sovereignty and how she’s come to discover the concept along her life path as a “wounded healer and early adapter.” In this episode she discusses what self-sovereignty is as well as what it isn’t, proposing that it serves as a necessary component for awakening one’s wholeness. 

When defining self-sovereignty, Marina differentiates it from the concept of self-love, arguing that self-love is incomplete, and the language of self-sovereignty opens one up to a more holistic experience of gaining full right and power over oneself. Using the metaphor of nation sovereignty, she explains how self-sovereignty encourages one to stop looking externally for how to best rule themselves and instead seek and draw from one’s internal compass. In doing so, one can better discover and accept their innate value and uniqueness that they can then continue to grow, expand, and express.

While self-sovereignty encourages a turn inwards, Marina stresses that it is not a separation from others but rather a practice that can then lead to a deeper connection with others. By fostering deeper self-acceptance, self-sovereignty helps people to stop wearing the masks they present to others and instead come into their wholeness and use it to serve those around them. 

Marina ends the episode by offering tips for how to begin embodying one’s self-sovereignty. She reaffirms her belief in its power and how it can create peace, joy, and love from within.


What You Learn in This Episode:

  1. A definition of self-sovereignty
  2. The difference between self-sovereignty and self-love
  3. How self-sovereignty helps us better connect with the self and others
  4. Ways to begin embodying self-sovereignty 


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